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Design :

Rullitech apron feeders are custom designed for each application. They are of heavy duty construction suited for rugged conditions encountered in the mining and quarrying industries. They come with large diameter headshaft and tailshaft. Head and tail shaft roller bearings are sealed to prevent dust intrusion. The chains are crawler tractor type and are closely spaced to withstand shock loading of large lumps from the hopper. The steel flights are ribbed and overlapping and made of Manganese steel.

Main Frame :

The main frame is of rigid and robust, all welded construction, comprising of beams and cross members. The structure provides support fro all mechanical components over the entire carrying side of the apron feeder. Permanent lifting lugs are welded to the frame to lift the fully assembled feeder.

Chain :

All Rullitech apron feeders use heavy duty crawler tractor chain, sized to suit the application. The chain links are dropped forged for increased load capacity. Pins and bushes are hardened on the wearing surface.

Carrying Rollers :

The carrying rollers are standard crawler tractor type and are closely spaced to eliminate sag in the chain. The carrying rollers come with lifetime lubricated fully sealed bearings. Hardened and ground shaft and twin flanges. The carrying rollers are mounted on support frames. Which permit easy removal for maintenance and replacement.

Return Rollers :

The return rollers are provided to support the return chain and pan assembly. Each return roller has grease lubricated bearings. Return rollers are supported in a bracket bolted to the main frame. Allowing easy removal for maintenance and replacement.

Sprocket And Head Shaft :

Segmented, heat treated cast steel sprockets are machined and jig drilled to fit mounting hubs which are keyed to the drive shaft. The odd number of teeth allows each tooth to contact the chain on every second rotation. This will half the wear on the sprockets. Sprockets can be easily reversed for increased life. Head shafts are made from heavy duty

Traction Wheels and Tail Shaft :

Traction wheels are manufactured in heat treated cast steel or fabricated with internal reinforcing plates for superior strength and durability. The traction wheels are attached to the tail shaft. Tail shafts are made from heavy duty forged steel.

Bearigns :

The head and tail shafts are supported by large, double row, self aligning spherical roller bearings. The bearings are mounted into heavy split bearing housings. Grease nipples are fitted onto bearing housings allowing easy access during operation. Bearing blocks are held in place on the main frame by clamp bolts. Chain adjustment is provided by means of a threaded bolt extending from each of the tail bearing blocks to a reinforce take-up bracket.

Steel Flights :

Apron Feeder flights are cast of work hardening manganese steel to withstand impact loadings. The flights are over-lapping with minimum gaps between each flight. Flights are ribbed on underside for additional strength. Alloy steel bolts attach flights to the chain.

Impact Rail :

All apron feeders are fitted with either one or two impact rails between the chains, beneath the apron. Theses rails prevent permanent deformation of the flights. The rails absorb the severe impact loadings by transmitting the energy into the main frame achieve this.

Dribble Conveyor :

All apron feeders are fitted a dribble conveyor beneath the return side of chain. The dribble conveyor picks up fines from the return strand of chain and discharges in at the end of conveyor. This arrangement eliminates the process of manually cleaning the apron feeder.


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