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Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
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Double Toggle Jaw Crushers are preferred for crushing ususually hard, abrasive rocks and other materials like ferroalloys and glass. They differ substantially from other types of crushers. There is no rotary motion in the crushing cycle and all crushing is done by compression of the feed material between two massive jaws plates. The moving jaw compresses the material against the stationary jaw. Jaw plates can be either smooth or corrugated.

Working Principle & Advantages of Double Toggle Jaw Crusher :

Double Toggle Jaw Crushers have one jaw fixed, while the other pivots about a top hinge. This moving jaw is shaped to move firmly and squarely against the material. There is no rubbing or grinding. Only compression, which produces a generally cubical product with minimum fines. The moving jaw is very well balanced, so 95% of the drive motor power is ued for crushing. While only 5% of the power is needed to move the jaw itself. As a result of this high mechanical efficiency, double Toggle Jaw Crushers require smaller size motors, keeping power costs down. Behind the stationary jaw are shims, used to adjust the distance between the lower ends of the jaws (closed side setting). The setting determines the output product size. There is also an arrangement of safety arm for protection from us-crushables accidental overloads.

Crushing applications of Double Toggle Jaw Crusher :

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher Sizes

Jaw Crusher Size (Inch) Feed Size (Inch) Crusher RPM Drive H.P.
12 x 7 5.5 375 20
16 x 9 7 375 25
20 x 12 10 350 30
22 x 9 7 350 30
24 x 15 12 325 40
30 x 9 7 325 40
30 x 15 12 325 40
30 x 20 16 325 50
36 x 8 6 325 50
36 x 24 20 250 100
36 x 30 24 250 120
42 x 6 5 400 50
42 x 8 6 350 60
42 x 30 24 250 150
48 x 10 8 300 75
48 x 36 28 250 200
60 x 10 8 305 100
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers
Double Toggle Jaw Crushers

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher - Installation

Sr. No.Name of EquipmentName of Party Size & TypeQty.PlaceYear
1Double Toggle Jaw CrusherBalaji Stone Metals16 x 1001 No.Yerwada, Pune8/10/1991
2Double Toggle Jaw Crushershri Ganesh Quarry16 x 1001 No.kolhapur 2/11/1993
3Double Toggle Jaw CrusherJayamatha Metals16 x 1001 No.Kerala24/8/1993
4Double Toggle Jaw CrusherHasan Stone Crusher16 x 1001 No.Goa21/12/1993
5Double Toggle Jaw CrusherBesto Rock Work Industry16 x 10 01 No.Tiruvalla5/3/1994
6Double Toggle Jaw CrusherHasan Stone Crusher30 x 1501 No.Goa7/3/1994
7Double Toggle Jaw CrusherB. R. Stone Crusher16 x 1001 No.Yavatmal13/4/1994
8Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSmt. K.M. Parwathamma20 x 1201 No.Bellary24/10/1994
9Double Toggle Jaw CrusherM/s. Kanak Stone Crusher 20 x 1201 No.KUNI, NAGPUR1/10/1995
10Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKumar Constructions 16 x 1001 No.Yavatmal11/12/1995
11Double Toggle Jaw CrusherBalaji Stone Metals20 x 1201 No.Wagholi, Pune12/2/1995
12Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMMTC Limited16X1001 No.Bellary27/5/1996
13Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAjantha Stone Metal Works20 X 1201 No.Wagholi, Pune1/8/1996
14Double Toggle Jaw Crusherlaxmi minerals16 x 1001 No.vithalgam1/12/1996
15Double Toggle Jaw CrusherNagpur Improvement Trust,16 x 1001 No.Nagpur18/12/1996
16Double Toggle Jaw CrusherChandgude & Sons20 x 1201 No.Pune25/2/1997
17Double Toggle Jaw CrusherChandgude & Sons16 x 1001 No.Pune25/2/1997
18Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMr. V.J. Pphilipose, M/s. Valacherli Crusher16 x 1001 No.kerala15/11/1997
19Double Toggle Jaw CrusherChandan Stone Crusher16 x 1001 No.jajpur15/3/1997
20Double Toggle Jaw CrusherJayashree Metal & Minerals16 x1001 No.Chandrapur27/3/1997
21Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShiv Shakti Stone Crusher16 x1001 No.Yevatmal31/03/1997
22Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMaharaja Ferro Alloys P. Ltd.16 x 1001 No.jajpur26/7/1997
23Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMaharaja Ferro Alloys P. Ltd.12 x 701 No.jajpur26/7/1997
24Double Toggle Jaw CrusherNagpur Improvement Trust,16 x 1001 No.Nagpur29/10/1997
25Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMincore Resources Pvt. Ltd.20 x1201 No.Bhatia, jamnagar7/6/1998
26Double Toggle Jaw CrusherArihant Industries16 x 901 No.Adilabad12/3/1998
27Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSiraj Rasool Zaiadi16x901 No.Sawai Mathupura16/9/1998
28Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAshapura Minechem Pvt. Limited30 x 1501 No.Virpur20/9/1999
29Double Toggle Jaw CrusherDevendra Jain Construction Co.16 x 1001 No.Rajgath, MP14/3/2000
30Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRoller Ketten Pvt. Limited (Export)12 x 701 No.VU Nagar25/7/2000
31Double Toggle Jaw CrusherPatvi Quarry Works16x901 No.Ambav3/2/2001
32Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKailash Housing Ltd.20x1201 No.Orissa30/5/2002
33Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSri Murli Stone Crusher20 x 1201 No.VELANKA27/9/2002
34Double Toggle Jaw CrusherYogikrupa Quarry works30 x 1501 No.Savli6/12/2003
35Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMile Stone20 x 1201 no.Barpathar6/12/2003
36Double Toggle Jaw CrusherTrimex Industreis Limited20 x 1201 No.kammam8/9/2003
37Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRanganadh Raju20 X 1201 no.Bavulavada, AP1/11/2005
38Double Toggle Jaw CrusherM/s. D.P. Jagtap & Co.20 X 1202 Nos.Pune4/1/2005
39Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShri Somnath Stone Metals20 x 1201 No.Yerwada, Pune7/1/2005
40Double Toggle Jaw CrusherVenkatsai Granite20 X 1201 no.AP7/10/2005
41Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSurya Minerals20 x 1201 No.JABALPUR 8/1/2005
42Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKumavat Stone Crusher36 x 801 No.Rajasthan8/9/2005
43Double Toggle Jaw CrusherC.P. Bagal & Co.16 x 901 No.Liha Gaon9/3/2005
44Double Toggle Jaw CrusherC.P. Bagal & Co.20 x 1201 No.Liha Gaon9/3/2005
45Double Toggle Jaw CrusherC.P. Bagal & Co.10 x 4 -IV01 No.Liha Gaon9/3/2005
46Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShri Swami Samarth Engineers 20 x 1201 No.Shivajinagar 31/8/2005
47Double Toggle Jaw CrusherM/s. D.P. Jagtap & Co.20 x 1201 No.Pune21/10/2005
48Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMaruti Stone Crusher20 X 1201 no.Kalyani Peth21/10/2005
49Double Toggle Jaw CrusherDeepak Trading Company32 x801 no.JABALPUR 27/12/2005
50Double Toggle Jaw CrusherVengamamba Engg. Company16 x 801 No.AP2/2/2006
51Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSteel Cast Limited16 x 1001 No.Bhavnagar5/5/2006
52Double Toggle Jaw CrusherM/s. D.P. Jagtap & Co.20 x 1201 No.Pune6/5/2006
53Double Toggle Jaw CrusherModel Stone Crusher36 x 801 No.Anthapura23/5/2006
54Double Toggle Jaw CrusherUnited Phosphorus Limited16 x 901 No.Vapi10/9/2006
55Double Toggle Jaw CrusherM.S.R. Enterprise20 x 1201 No.Hanamkonda11/6/2006
56Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSinghal Enterprises P. Limited36 x 801 No.Sundargadh21/6/2006
57Double Toggle Jaw CrusherJain Udyog20 x 1201 No.Goa17/7/2006
58Double Toggle Jaw CrusherDhanraj Stone Crusher20 x 1201 No.Khitoli, MP20/8/2006
59Double Toggle Jaw CrusherPMA Construction Company20 x 1201 No.Nagpur30/10/2006
60Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRatna Granites & Floors20 X 1201 no.Srikakularm17/2/2007
61Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShri Guru Arjun Minerals30 x 1501 No.Sagar31/3/2007
62Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShri Guru Arjun Minerals20 x 1202 Nos.Sagar31/3/2007
63Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.20 x 1201 No.Karnataka14/4/2007
64Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.20 x 1201 no.Karnataka14/4/2007
65Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAgarwal Sponge & Energy Pvt. Limited30 x 1501 No.Bellary4/5/2007
66Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMaruti Industries16 x 1001 no.Belgaum12/5/2007
67Double Toggle Jaw CrusherPrashant Ferex16 x 901 No.Rajkot25/6/2007
68Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSteel Cast Limited16 x 1001 No.Bhavnagar24/7/2007
69Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.20 x 1201 no.Mumbai11/8/2007
70Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.32 x 801 no.Mumbai11/8/2007
71Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSteel Cast Limited16 x 1001 No.Bhavnagar15/9/2007
72Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRhino Machiens Pvt. Limited16 x 901 No.VU Nagar21/9/2007
73Double Toggle Jaw CrusherHasan Stone Crusher42 x 601 no.Goa12/10/2007
74Double Toggle Jaw CrusherIndian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited30 X 2201 No.Orissa13/10/2007
75Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAmma Ispat20 x 1201 no.Khammam,AP5/11/2007
76Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAsian Mineral Mining Company30 x 1501 No.Bellary7/11/2007
77Double Toggle Jaw CrusherA N Pandde & Sons42 x 601 No.Maharashtra7/12/2007
78Double Toggle Jaw CrusherUltratech Cement Limited (Narmada Cement)20 x 1201 No.Ratnagiri11/12/2007
79Double Toggle Jaw CrusherPopuri Steels Limited42 x 601 no.Bellary5/3/2008
80Double Toggle Jaw CrusherModel Stone Crusher
01 no.Bellary24/4/2008
81Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKumar Swamy Stone Crusher20 x 1201 no.Bellary24/4/2008
82Double Toggle Jaw CrusherHLA Chemicals Pvt. Limited20 X 1201 No.Nagpur28/4/2008
83Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKarni Kripa Industreis30 x 1501 No.Dausa5/5/2008
84Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKarni Kripa Industreis36 x 802 Nos.Dausa5/5/2008
85Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRhino Machiens Pvt. Limited16 x 901 No.VU Nagar6/8/2008
86Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.30 X 903 Nos.Ahmedabad1/7, 5/7 & 6/7/2008
87Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.36 x 2401 No.Ahmedabad15/7/2008
88Double Toggle Jaw CrusherTanmai Associates36 x 801 no.Bellary28/1/2009
89Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAML Steel & Power Limited42 x 601 no.jharkhand5/2/2009
90Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSri Venkateswara Road Metals & Minerals20 x 1202 Nos.AP22/3/2009
91Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAditya Stone Crusher30 x 901 No.kotabommali20/5/2009
92Double Toggle Jaw CrusherIndian Technomac Company Limited16 x 1001 No.Himachal 18/6/2009
93Double Toggle Jaw CrusherGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.30 x 1501 no.Raigad18/8/2009
94Double Toggle Jaw CrusherAlfa Mining & Exploration Co.30 x 1501 No.Chandrapur15/4/2010
95Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRoshan Metal Udyog30 x 2001 no.Belgaum21/7/2010
96Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShree Satya Minerals Pvt. Limited
01 No.Pune2/11/2010
97Double Toggle Jaw CrusherUltratech Cement Limited (Narmada Cement)20 x 1201 No.Surat7/9/2010
98Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRoshan Metal Udyog42 x 601 no.Belgaum9/7/2010
99Double Toggle Jaw CrusherSri Ramana Enterprises30 x 901 No.Vishakhapatnam10/9/2010
100Double Toggle Jaw CrusherMark Microns Pvt. Limited20 x 1201 No.Sabarkantha28/1/2011
101Double Toggle Jaw CrusherRakesh Trading Company30 x 1501 No.Ambav2/9/2011
102Double Toggle Jaw CrusherVigneshwara Stone Crusher 36 x 801 No.AP25/9/2014
103Double Toggle Jaw CrusherExcel Crop Care Limited 12 x 701 no.Gajod27/12/2014
104Double Toggle Jaw CrusherKastwell Foundary12 x 701 no.Vatva9/7/2015
105Double Toggle Jaw CrusherShree Maikrupa Agro-Chem20 x 1201 No.Karamsad 13/7/2016

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