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Reversible Impactor
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The Reversible impactor is a highly versatile crusher. It is a open bottom type machine. It can be employed for crushing of hard coal and lignite in power plants, coking coal for the iron and steel industry, limestone and gypsum as well as other related minerals of soft to medium-hard consistency. Unlike hammer mills, reversible impactors have no cage bars, but crush by impact only. They have few parts to maintain or replace, and require relatively little power to operate.

Operations :

As the material enters the reversible impactor, it is struck by massive steel hammers which cause it to fracture along its natural fault lines into smaller pieces. The material now moves at high velocity imparted by the swinging hammers. These pieces strike the stationary breaker blocks, resulting in further size reduction. The particles then rebound into the path of the hammers, repeating the reduction cycle, until the sized material exits through the open bottom of the crusher. This method of reduction produces a cubical product at high reduction ratios of up to 35 to 1, depending on the friability of the feed material. Over crushing and excessive production of fines are prevented because the bottom of the crusher is completely open, with no screen gratings to impede the flow of material. In addition, power requirements are less than that required by grate-type hammer mill and ring granulators for producing the same nominal output. Finally, when processing high moisture materials, this crusher reduces the chance of plugging.

Advantages of Reversibility :

With the ability of the rotor assembly to be rotated in either direction, the operator gains important advantages :

Model No.Rotor Dia. in mmRotor Width in mmCapacity min-maxPower in KW
RIH 080880080025-6037-55
RIH 1010 1000100075-12055-75
RIH 121212001200100-16075-132
RIH 1414 14001400140-250110-160
RIH 161616001600190-380132-320
RIH 181818001800220-430160-350
RIH 202020002000320-640220-400

capacity figures are indicative for material of 1.6 t/cu-m.

Actual figures may vary depending upon the type of feed, material, moisture content etc.

Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor
Reversible impactor

Hammer Mill, Reversible Hammer Mill - Installation

Sr. No.Name of EquipmentName of PartySize & TypeQty.PlaceYear
1Hammer MillDCW Limited01 No.Tamil Nadu11/1/1996
2Hammer MillSanghi Industries Limited01 No.Sanghipuram17/5/2001
3Hammer MillEngineering Supplies Limited (Export)01 No.Kenya22/1/2002
4Hammer MillSathavahana Ispat Limited01 No.Hyderabad7/7/2003
5Hammer MillNavanagar Metcoke Pvt. Limited01 No.sindhudurg12/7/2003
6Hammer MillTwenty First Century Castings01 No.VU Nagar22/6/2004
7Hammer MillTransparent Technologies01 No.Bhosari6/11/2004
8Hammer MillTransparent Technologies01 No.Bhosari2/9/2005
9Hammer MillInventysS Research Co.Pvt. Limited01 No.Nagpur15/6/2008
10Hammer MillNaveen Marbles Pvt. Limited01 No.Udaipur5/7/2008
11Hammer MillKensalt Limited (export)01 No.Kenya3/11/2008
12Hammer MillJay Minerals06 x 0601 No.Nagpur23/2/2010
13Hammer MillVikas Globalone Limited06x0601 No.ALWAR18/5/2010
14Hammer MillMarvelore Mining & Allied Inds. Pvt. Limited10 x 0601 No.Surat19/11/2010
15Hammer MillRicasil Industries06x1001 No.VU Nagar4/2/2011
16Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited600 X 30001 No.Chennai25/7/2011
17Hammer MillSEASALT LIMITED (export)01 No.Tanzania9/8/2011
18Hammer MillMahadev Minerals600 x 30001 no.Barmer22/12/2011
19Hammer MillWeb International (FOR EXPORT)06 x 0301 no.VU Nagar8/11/2012
20Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited400/30001 no.Jarkhand2/12/2013
21Hammer MillSherlock Industries06 x 0601 no.ANKLESHWAR5/1/2013
22Hammer MillBalaji Enterprise06 x 0601 no.Veraval5/1/2013
23Hammer MillBalaji Enterprise06 x 0301 no.Veraval17/1/2013
24Hammer MillAPEK Microtech06 x 0601 no.Siddhpur15/6/2013
25Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited500/300 & 400/30001 no.Madhuban, Paradip18/11/2013
26Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited400/30001 no.Vishakapatnam18/11/2013
27Hammer MillPraweg Conveyors06/0601 No.Mumbai20/7/2013
28Hammer MillTAQA Neyveli Power Co. Limited05 x 0301 no.Neyveli22/10/2013
29Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited500/30001 no.Neyveli, Tamil Nadu22/10/2013
30Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited400/30001 no.Porbandar23/12/2013
31Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited500/30001 no.Porbandar23/12/2013
32Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited400/30001 no.Ratnagiri, Maharashtra20/02/2014
33Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited400/30001 no.Nellore, AP26/02/2014
34Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited500/300 & 400/30001 no.Vasco Da Gama11/3/2014
35Hammer MillUnited Phosphorus Limited400/30001 No.Vapi8/20/2015
36Hammer MillSun Chem India500/60001 no.Palanpur3/31/2016
38Hammer MillArvind Limited: Div. Denim Fabrics500/30001 No.Ahmedabad29/7/2016
37Hammer MillSGS India Pvt. Limited500/30001 no.Dahej1/8/2016
Sr. No.Name of EquipmentName of Party Size & TypeQty.PlaceYear
1Reversible Hammer MillThe Singareni Collieries Co. Limited01 No.Khammam,AP25/3/2004
2Reversible Hammer MillRamnik Power & Alloys P. Ltd.800 x 80001 No.Balaghat, M.P.9/2/2009
3Reversible Hammer MillTeko'ner Technologies (Ramnik Power)800 x 80001 No.Balaghat17/2/2009
4Reversible Hammer MillMarvelore Mining & Allied Industries1000 x 60001 No.Panoli19/11/2010
5Reversible Hammer MillPioneer Engineering Projects (Export)08 x 0801 no.Tamil Nadu15/10/2011
6Reversible Hammer MillTechno Designs10 x 0601 no.VU Nagar15/7/2014
7Reversible Hammer MillShivam Associates12 X 1201 No.Veraval29/4/2015
8Reversible Hammer MillGayatri Mircons10 x 0601 No.Siddhpur19/09/2015

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