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Circular Motion inclined Vibrating Screen is a two bearing free floating Vibrating Screen which efficiently screens all moderately free flowing materials.

The circular throw action is derived from imbalance weights which are attached to the ends of the vibrator unit and transmit a uniform vibration to all screening surfaces and ensures that material travels over the screening surfaces at a constant rate. The amplitude or degree of vibration can be adjusted to suit a change of duty by adding or subtracting balance weight plates. Circular motion ensures rapid stratification at the feed end and produces an accurately size product in the shortest possible time.

Screen's inclination normally varies between 15 to 25. Speed of screen varies between 850 R.P.M. to 1150 R.P.M. depending upon the "G" Value desired.

Screens are manufactured in following widths : 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200 m.m. and lengths varying from 1500 m.m. to 7000 m.m. Number of decks, can be up-to four.

Vibrator Unit :

The Vibrator Unit is a steel shaft, completely housed in a protective steel tubular casing. Balance Weights are keyed to shaft.

The bearings are specially designed for the use on screens and are a high capacity self aligning double roller type. These bearings have special tolerances and improved lubrication facilities to give extended bearing life under ardous working conditions. Labyrinth type grease sealings are provided to prevent dust getting into bearings.

Supporting Coil Springs:

Helical compression springs support the vibrating basket of the Vibrating Screen. They absorb all the working loads, without transmitting undesirable vibration to the supporting structure.

Side Stretching Device:

It is essential to keep the screen deck always in tension. For maintaining correct tension, side stretching arrangement is provided for the screen cloth.

Selection of Screening Machine:

Proper selection of screen size is very important. The size and type of screening machine to be used requires a very close scrutiny of the material to be screened, its screen analysis, moisture content, shape of particles, separation required etc.

Special Features of Vibrating Screens :

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen - Installation

Sr. No.Name of EquipmentName of PartySize & TypeQty.PlaceYear
1Vibrating ScreenJupiter DistilleryI01 No.VAPI17/3/1990
2Vibrating ScreenBalaji Stone Metals8 x 4 -IV01 No.Yerwada, Pune8/10/1991
3Vibrating Screensaiyed Paper Mills PVt. Limited25 x 10 - I01 No.VAPI10/2/1993
4Vibrating ScreenSouthern Rock & Agreegates Mining800 x 1800-I01 No.Tiruvalla26/5/1993
5Vibrating ScreenSouthern Rock & Agreegates Mining800 x 1800-I01 No.Tiruvalla26/5/1993
6Vibrating ScreenSmt. K.M. Parwathamma8x4-iv01 No.Bellary24/10/1994
7Vibrating ScreenM/s. Kanak Stone Crusher8x4-iv01 No.KUNI, NAGPUR23/11/1995
8Vibrating ScreenChandgude & Sons10x4 - IV01 No.Pune25/2/1997
9Vibrating ScreenSouthern Rock & Agreegates Mining12 x 4- v01 No.Tiruvalla8/1/1997
10Vibrating ScreenNagpur Improvement Trust,10x4 - IV01 No.Nagpur5/5/1997
11Vibrating ScreenSouthern Rock & Agreegates Mining8 X 3'- II01 No.Rani, Kerala29/6/1998
12Vibrating ScreenAshapura Minechem Pvt. Limited12x30-II01 No.Chitra GIDC6/10/1999
13Vibrating ScreenRoller Ketten Pvt. Limited (Export)750 x 2000-iii01 No.VU Nagar25/7/2000
14Vibrating ScreenSaurashtra Fuels (P) Limited16 x50-iv01 No.Ranavav23/10/2000
15Vibrating ScreenSanghi Industries Limited12 X 25 - I01 No.Sanghipuram17/5/2001
16Vibrating ScreenYogikrupa Quarry works15x4-IV01 No.Savli19/3/2002
17Vibrating ScreenTrimex Industreis Limited12 X 25-II01 No.kammam8/9/2003
18Vibrating ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited5'x15'-iv01 No.Khambhalia20/2/2003
19Vibrating ScreenSouthern Rock & Agreegates Mining5 X 14'- Iv01 No.Rani, Kerala21/10/2003
20Vibrating ScreenSSP (PVT.) LIMITED -UNIT II NAGPUR(EXPORT)10/03-I01 No.Nagpur31/1/2004
21Vibrating ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited5'x15'-iv01 No.LUNVA19/3/2004
22Vibrating ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited5'x15'-iv01 No.LUNVA2/8/2004
23Vibrating ScreenM/s. D.P. Jagtap & Co.8X 4 - IV01 No.Pune4/1/2005
24Vibrating ScreenSurya Minerals16 x 5 - IV01 No.JABALPUR8/1/2005
25Vibrating ScreenElementis Coke Pvt.Limited15x35-iv01 No.Bharuch11/1/2005
26Vibrating ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited5'x15'-iv01 No.LUNVA18/1/2005
27Vibrating ScreenTrimex Industreis Limited12x 4-ii01 No.Bellary21/1/2005
28Vibrating ScreenJain Udyog12 X 25-II01 No.Goa16/3/2005
29Vibrating ScreenIndian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited10/03-III01 No.Orissa31/3/2005
30Vibrating ScreenShri Somnath Stone Metals10x4 - IV01 No.Yerwada, Pune1/6/2005
31Vibrating ScreenAgri Chemicals Limited1200 X 4000-II01 No.NIGERIA28/9/2005
32Vibrating ScreenKalindi Ispate (P) Limited15x50-II01 No.Bilaspur26/10/2005
33Vibrating ScreenKalindi Ispate (P) Limited12x40-II01 No.Bilaspur26/10/2005
34Vibrating ScreenBhatia International Limited15 x 55-III01 No.Gumdipoondi3/12/2005
35Vibrating ScreenShree Cement Limited01 No.Bangura Nagar13/1/2006
36Vibrating ScreenEnviro Abrasin Resistant Engrs.P. Ltd.1.5 x 5000-i01 No.Pune29/1/2006
37Vibrating ScreenP. Srinivas Babu20x 6 -iv01 No.Visakhapatnam8/6/2006
38Vibrating ScreenBhatia Coke & Energy Limited15 x 53-II01 No.Gumdipoondi3/12/2006
39Vibrating ScreenShree Cement Limited5.5/2.5-II01 No.Ras25/1/2007
40Vibrating ScreenShri Guru Arjun Minerals5 x 1601 No.Sagar31/3/2007
41Vibrating ScreenHasan Stone Crusher12 x 5 -v01 No.Goa8/5/2007
42Vibrating ScreenIndian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited15/50-III01 No.Orissa30/6/2007
43Vibrating ScreenGanon Dunkerly & Co. Ltd.10 x 4 4 1/201 no.Mumbai11/8/2007
44Vibrating ScreenD.P. Jagtap18 x 4-iii01 No.Pune12/10/2007
45Vibrating ScreenAgri Chemicals Limited1200 X 3250-II03 Nos.NIGERIA16/10/2007
46Vibrating ScreenKarni Kripa Industreis18 x 5- iv 1/201 No.Dausa6/5/2008
47Vibrating ScreenKarni Kripa Industreis5 x 7 -ii01 No.Dausa6/5/2008
48Vibrating ScreenAgri Chemicals Limited1200 X 3250-II01 No.NIGERIA12/6/2008
49Vibrating ScreenGannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.15 x 55-II01 No.Ahmedabad30/6/2008
50Vibrating ScreenGannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.15 x 55-III01 No.Ahmedabad30/6/2008
51Vibrating ScreenInventysS Research Co.Pvt. Limited08x25-i01 No.Nagpur1/7/2008
52Vibrating ScreenTeko'ner Technologies (Ramnik Power)12 x 45 -i01 No.Balaghat9/2/2009
53Vibrating ScreenTeko'ner Technologies (Ramnik Power)12 x 35 -i01 No.Balaghat17/2/2009
54Vibrating ScreenSaurashtra Calcine Bauxite & All. Ind. Ltd.10x35-iv01 No.Bhatia, jamnagar22/6/2009
55Vibrating ScreenRubamin Limited1250X3000/II01 No.Nandesari2/1/2010
56Vibarting ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited01 No.Lunva4/2/2010
57Vibrating ScreenJay Minerals4 x 8 -iv01 No.Nagpur23/2/2010
58Vibrating ScreenRoshan Metal Udyog18 x 50 -iv01 no.Belgaum25/5/2010
59Vibrating ScreenPatel Infrastructure Pvt. Limited15 x 50-I01 no.Deoli25/9/2010
60Vibrating FeederJumbo Mining Pvt. Limited01 No.Nadiad29/12/2010
61Vibrating ScreenKanoria Chemicals & Inds. Limited10x25-I01 No.ANKLESHWAR3/11/2010
62Vibarting ScreenGujarat NRE Coke Limited01 No.Lunva8/12/2010
63Vibrating ScreenLokesh Stone Crusher12 x 3601 No.AP25/1/2011
64Vibrating ScreenSurya Bhagwan Stone Crusher12 x 3601 No.AP25/1/2011
65Vibrating ScreenPraweg Conveyors09/18/i01 No.Mumbai20/7/2013
66Vibrating ScreenIndian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited15/50-I01 No.Orissa28/1/2014
67Vibrating ScreenBhatia Coke & Energy Limited15 x 50-II02 Nos.Gumdipoondi3/4/2014
68Vibrating ScreenElecon EPC Projects Limited20 x 50-II01 no.VU Nagar29/10/2014
69Vibrating ScreenShivam Associates20 x 50 x iii01 no.Veraval
70Vibrating ScreenSaurashtra Calcine Bauxite & All. Ind. Ltd.13 x 50x V01 no.Bhatia, jamnagar26/2/2016
71Vibrating ScreenDecon Equipments & Sys. Pvt. Ltd.08 x 21 x I01 No.Bhosari, Pune15/7/2016
72Vibrating FeederMulti Organics Pvt. Limited01 No.Chandrapur3/10/2009
73Vibrating FeederHNG Float Glass Limited01 No.Halol29/11/2011
74Vibrating FeederSherlock Industries01 no.ANKLESHWAR24/7/2013

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